01 December 2021

Hawkeye: 1.03 ‘Echoes’ Stills & Screen Captures

A new episode of Hawkeye has premiered! This episode is titled ‘Echoes.’ I really enjoyed this episode and getting to see more of Kate’s skills and watching the duo of Kate and Clint! The gallery has been updated with episode stills as well as 4K screen captures from the episode. Enjoy!

26 November 2021

Dickinson: 3.06 ‘A little Madness in the Spring’ Stills & Screen Captures

As promised, I have added episode stills and HD screen captures from the latest episode of Dickinson titled ‘A little Madness in the Spring.’ I’m so sad we are getting closer to the finale! I will miss this show so much!

25 November 2021

Hawkeye: 1.02 ‘Hide and Seek’ Stills & Screen Captures

I have updated the gallery with episode stills and screen captures from the second episode of Hawkeye titled ‘Hide and Seek.’ I loved this episode! I will work on getting photos from the latest episode of Dickinson mostly likely tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving to all that celebrate!

25 November 2021

Hawkeye: 1.01 ‘Never Meet Your Heroes’ Stills & Screen Captures

Hello Hailee & Kate Bishop fans.. Hawkeye has finally premiered! Disney+ released the first 2 episodes yesterday which you can now stream. I loved these episodes and Hailee is perfect as Kate. The dynamic between Kate and Clint is great! I can’t wait for what else there is to come. I have updated the gallery with episode stills as well as 4k quality screen captures from this episode to the gallery! Hope you all enjoy them! Episode 2 update is coming next.

23 November 2021

(Video) “Hawkeye” Stars Jeremy Renner And Hailee Steinfeld Take An MCU Trivia Quiz

Marvel’s “Hawkeye” is finally here, and honestly, we’ll be flailing over Kate Bishop and Clint Barton for weeks. So, to celebrate we had Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld put all their MCU knowledge to the test with a trivia quiz. Can you beat their score? Watch the video to see how well they did and take the quiz alongside them, too. https://www.buzzfeed.com/noradominick/hawkeye-cast-marvel-cinematic-universe-trivia-quiz

23 November 2021

(Video) Hailee Steinfeld on Working Under Jeremy Renner’s Wing for Marvel’s Hawkeye Series

Hailee sat down with Drew on The Drew Barrymore Show to talk about Hawkeye and where she pulls her heroic inspiration from. She also talks about her brother Griffin Steinfeld and why stuffing is her favorite dish. It looks like the interview wasn’t done in person, so we only have the interview below!